viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

Lista de canciones transmitidas el 23-03-2011

Estas son las canciones transmitidas el programa del 23 de marzo de 2011:

1. Amon Amarth: Destroyer of the universe
Disco: Sutur rising

2. Dark Funeral: Remember The Fallen (Sodom Cover)
Disco: Teach Children to Worship Satan

3. Oceansize: It's my tail and I chase it if I want to
Disco: Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up

4. Rainbow: Do You Close Your Eyes
Disco: Rising

5. Cavalera Conspiracy: Killing Inside
Disco: Blunt Force Trauma

6. Agnostic Front: A Mi Manera
Disco: My Life My Way

7. Terrorizer: Condemned System
Disco World downfall

8. Oddity: Oddity night
Disco: Oddity

9. Burzum: Enhver Til Sitt
Disco: Fallen

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